Deep in the Valley 谷中暮色

Official Selection the 59th Berlin International Film Festival 第59回ベルリン映画祭正式招待作品


Persuasive, thought-provoking and occasionally touching: a kind of "8mm Paradiso," Japanese-style.
- Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter
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Impeccable, poetry and reflexion integrating attitudes.
- Von Heike Kuhn, Frankfurter Rundschau
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Interweaving documentary and fiction, as well as the use of black-and-white and colour, with an extraordinary sense of visual poetry, the director brings these contrasting societies together.
- Anne Thomas,
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Understated, never didactic, the films draws the past into the lives of its young, present-day protagonists, luring them to discover it and to find themselves.
- Latika Padgaonkar,, India’s biggest web portal of cinema.
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It is this young man who committed the impossible act of knocking his master off the throne that the older generation admires today as one of the great founders of tradition. This relativizes the conflict between the generations very nicely.
- Christoph Terhechte, Program Director, Forum of New Cinema, Berlin International Film Festival
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The film surprises by its gentleness and by its touches of magic realism. Nothing about it is obvious. Many films have combined fiction and documentary, but few have blurred the boundaries between them to such vertiginous effect. In the end, it is impossible to decide whether the film is an homage to a real place, an intricately layered fiction inspired by the place, or the document of a reality that has been discreetly but decisively shaped by that fiction.
- Chris Fujiwara, film critic